Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Summer, more like simmer.

We took a small break from blog this summer to work on our tans. Actually, I have been pretty short-handed at my Bowman branch and just have not been able to get to our blog. On with the show.

This summer heat frankly made me a little cranky! Day to day stress doesn't help much either.  I'm not sure our bodies or minds were set up to run as quickly as we do these days. I continue to hear about Apps, programs, and devices to get information to us quicker. The world is moving faster and faster. While doing research and shopping on my computer the other day , I caught myself getting irritated while I had to wait a few seconds as it loaded.  Had I really become this impatient?  Seriously? What if we just decided to slow down a bit? Would that really be so bad?

This week I have been trying to redirect my day to happier thoughts and more relaxing activities since having this Ah-Ha moment (as Oprah would call it).  I try to breathe deeply.  Take my air in slow and let it out even slower.  You can actually feel your heart slow down. I really love music.  I think music can totally change your mood.  On my way to work, I've really tried to play something happy or something I can sing out loud to in the car.  I'm not sure if the people around me enjoy it, but I do! Lastly, I really will try to get some exercise.  To borrow a friend's phrase, some people are greyhounds and some people are hound dogs. I'm a hound dog.  I'll never be an IronMan participant but I have the same sense of accomplishment after walking/running/biking for an hour or so.  These things seem to work for me, maybe they will help you on your quest to slow down and enjoy each day!


Friday, June 29, 2012


Recently I wrote an article for our NBA newsletter. In collecting information for my article I asked a few of our customers about success. Mr. Jimmy Jenkins said he wanted to give it some thought.  Two days later he stopped in to leave me his thoughts.
"It is my observation that if one is to be successful in one's profession and personal life two of the most important traits are a good attitude and a strong faith. A good attitude will have a positive impact on one's career by helping to develop a sound work ethic and a meaningful relationship with others. The individual possessing these two qualities will "stand out" above the crowd. Regardless of one's position in life adversities will come. This is where faith enters. Faith is defined in Hebrews 11:1 as the confident assurance that something we want is going to happen. It is the certainty that what we hope for is waiting for us, even though we cannot see it ahead."  - Jim Jenkins

With every passing day, I realize how much I love working with our customers.  When I take the time, which is not very often, I really learn from them. 

Best Wishes for a wonderful weekend,

Friday, June 15, 2012

Bring on Summmmmmmer!

Summer is almost here.  Frankly it feels as though it's been here for quite a while already! I'm referring to our extreme temperatures here in Central Arkansas.  Wow, is it already this HOT?
It seems like our Spring skipped us, going from our mild Winter straight to Summer. I must confess, Summer is not my favorite season.  Sure, I love a good pool or lake day, but 73 degrees all year would be just fine with me. However, I will tell you some of the things I do enjoy about Summer. 
Even in late May, you can hear parents and children all a "buzz" about where they are going on vacation.  There are kids getting to enjoy camps, such as Beginning Basketball or Fashion Jewelry camp, like my niece Macie attended this week. Everyone shows off their tan in their newest, casual sandals and shades.  I see people riding by with their convertible tops down and their music up.  My birthday is also during the Summer, that doesn't hurt either. 

Over at our Pershing and Main St. location in North Little Rock, they are showing their favorite things about Summer as well.  Gretchen would love to invite you to stop by and let her know your favorite thing about this time a year.  Also, be on the look out for our popcicle and lemonade Fridays during these hot months!

See you at the pool,

P.S. Don't forget Summer also means we are 6 months from Christmas.   It's a great time to open a Christmas club account to save those $$$$!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What's a Woman to Wear!

From time to time Jocelyn and I thought we might throw in some fashion finds and tips for women in business like ourselves.  Jocelyn are I are shoppers extraordinaire and so are several of our co-workers.  We love to find a great deal!  Occasionally I realize later though, that the great deal I got on those $9.99 shoes was not such a great deal after all, when I leave the bank at night with my feet killing me. Now I proceed with caution when the deal seems to good to be true.  Quality is the key!  
At National Bank of Arkansas our dress code is Business Casual. This code was selected several years ago. It is nice because we really are not a "stuffy" or "formal" atmosphere bank.  We want to relate to our customers in a professional, yet comfortable environment.  With that in mind, Business Casual is still sometimes hard to define for women.  We like it because it means we are not required to wear a suit every day but we know it does not mean we can wear jeans.  Sometimes it is hard to find that middle ground. So some tips I have found over the last few years are as follows: 

1) If it is something you would wear on a Saturday afternoon to "hang out", you probably should not wear it to work.
2) If you have the slightest doubt in your mind about whether it is acceptable, it is not!
3) I always try to follow the rule "dress for the job you want".
4) Your office/desk is also an extension of you. You may be wearing the nicest thing you own, but if your desk is cluttered, dirty or covered with diet soda cans and snack wrappers, it will not matter.
5) Foot Petals for women shoes are the best thing I have ever found for making high heels comfortable (Dillard's)
6) When in doubt, be "over dressed", not "under dressed" for the situation. 

We hope you find these tips useful!  We would love to hear about any tips you may have to share!


Friday, May 18, 2012


Madonna sang about it, there are movies on it, and we always look forward to it...ahhh a holiday!
So I spent the last holiday, as I suspect many of you did, with my mother.  I consider myself lucky to live close enough to drive home for Mother's Day brunch.  Every year we dress up, bring our gifts, eat and celebrate Mom.   Unfortunately for her, she is still Mom and most of the time gets stuck with the brunch check. (sorry Mom) 
May is a big month for holidays.  This week I ran across an article talking about all the holidays and rather unknown holidays in May.  There is of course May Day, and Cinco De Mayo for our spanish friends but, did you know about National Clean Your Room Day? What about National Dance Like a Chicken Day? May 20th is Be A Millionaire Day and the 23rd is Lucky Penny Day.  We can help you at the bank with the last two mentioned (do not forget our Premium Rewards High Interest Account).  The one we are focused upon here at the Bowman branch is Memorial Day.  When you stop by our Bowman location we are handing out hearts for you to write your loved ones name on and hang on our wall.  We know this holiday originally began in 1868 to honor our fallen military. We certainly are doing that, along with others we want to remember. We hope you will take a moment on this upcoming holiday to think about those who so bravely went before us.
Have a great weekend,


Thursday, May 10, 2012

Living With An Attitude of Gratitude

I’ve been hearing quite a bit lately about gratitude. I think I’m finally listening. There is a difference between the two. “Thank you” has always been easy to say to my friend or my Dad, but am I focused on living that way every day? Probably not. Now I am not into any kind of “new age” thinking, but I can see how focusing on gratitude or appreciating what we do have, can at some point, overcome our dismay about what we don’t .
Just like when I was learning to ride a bike, I would repeat “don’t hit the tree, don’t hit the tree”.  I hit the tree!  Finally I learned to focus on something else, and went sailing right past that tree with a “Look Mom, no hands”! 
Many “gratitude” teachers advise writing down 5 things that make you grateful each day.  Each night when I write in my journal of gratitude, one sentence is always “grateful for my job”.  Most days it’s followed by “grateful for my co-workers and friends”.  I can’t imagine what my life would be like without my co-workers, friends, and the opportunities working at NBA has provided for me. 
I guess the point to my story is that being focusing on what we have, can have a huge effect on our daily life. Believe me there are days I wake up grouchy, wanting this or that, but when those days hit, I’m learning to change my focus.   

With gratitude,


Thursday, April 26, 2012

What is your story?

Did you know April 27th is National Tell a Story Day?

For many years my niece and nephew have asked me to tell them stories at bedtime.  It's always so hard to think of a good one. I have a hard time making up stories, so often I try to think of something funny and suspenseful from my childhood. Macie and Madden love to hear about me and their mom as little kids.  Macie's favorite though, is one I told about this enormous gray grasshopper invading my dressing room one time at the mall.  I'm not sure why, kids are funny.
Do you know the story of National Bank of Arkansas? NBA is locally owned and started with humble beginnings, but our future is brighter than ever. The bank is 30 years old this year (if walls could talk).  We actually have a few bankers who have been at the bank for nearly that long. Yes, through the years they have married, started families, continued education, moved to different departments within the bank, volunteered in the community and helped a lot of customers do the same. Yes we have several who have been with the bank 20 plus years. Now there is a really neat story about how Mr. Bob acquired the bank a little at a time, by accident but we'll finish that story another day. There is also the story about how we started in the trailer branch and how years later we finally jumped the river.  All of those are neat to hear, but my point is that the real story of NBA is in the people who work here and the people we have helped. Each of us have experienced weddings, birthdays, babies and retirement celebrations, the things that truly make life worth living...the things that make the story of you. As I mention these, I know you are thinking these celebrations are between co-workers, but we also celebrate these same life changing events with our customers.  You see providing financial security and helping some one's hard earned money grow, is what we do.  This gives our customers peace of mind to conquer the world as part of their story.
We are so thankful to our customers because they are the real story of NBA.